Move from Gaia Host

Managed Move From Gaia Host

This is only available to Gaia Host customers wanting to have services moved to BeCooperative.
* Order this free service
* Register your account information with BeCooperative as you complete the order
* Choose a payment method, though you don't need to add payment details at this time
* If you are not an existing Account Owner or authorized contact at Gaia Host then please explain your relationship to the account you want moved in the order Notes
* Be sure to verify your registration order by clicking on the emailed link sent after placing the order

You can now track support tickets through the BeCooperative account panel. Other support channels will also become available very soon.

BeCooperative will followup after your registration order.
* To confirm the services plans and paid thru dates for services being moved from Gaia Host.
* Services will be moved with minimal to no downtime into BeCooperative